"I was moved to tears ...beautifully done on all levels. It really packed a punch" - Hugh Jackman

"This beautifully crafted film reminded us once again how vital this sensitive issue is." Andrew Upton & Cate Blanchett

"...a seismic quake set to shatter your complacency about organ donation" SMH 19 February 2012


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The Last Race is a compelling 30-minute drama about a family suddenly faced with a decision of whether to donate the organs of 25-year-old Mike, and a race against time to save a life. A moving and powerful film, it shows a family struggling to make a difficult decision on behalf of a loved one. The complexities of not knowing the deceasedís intentions, and the speed with which the decision has to be made, are brought to the fore. The Last Race tells a story that could become reality for any of us, a decision that anyone may have to make, and paradoxically offers the chance to change a personís life for the better. As we see the family reach their decision, the film asks: what would you do?


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